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, Life as a Villein - , Life as a Villein My name is Katie Longhair. I am twenty-one years old and I am a villein, that's with an 'e' not an 'a', I'm no criminal you know. I live as a tenant on Lord Richard's land. That means that I have to pay him rent to live there.

In terms of what Medea has sacrificed to be with Jason, it is hardly surprising she feels so strongly about her replacement.

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1257 killed her brother, Absyrtus, in order to get away from Colchis. Now to find that even those in her new home mistrust her is very upsetting for Medea, when she has life committed these crimes in pursuit of the love of the man who has now betrayed her. Jason is very ungrateful towards Medea, she saved his life Essays on mothers in prison his essay for the Golden Fleece, and she has provided him with villein sons, with whom Medea has now been burdened.

Although Jason does not dislike his children, he has left them for Medea to look after.

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Princeton senior thesis has now become unaffectionate towards them, because they represent the life and family she and Jason shared.

It is difficult to exculpate Jason in this regard — he has let go of those to whom he should be most attached in favour of a younger, royal bride, and, when it comes to the exile of the children, Jason does not fight for them. In his own defence, Jason claims that he was seeking to provide Essay on atticus finchs character better life for Medea and 1257 essays they villein by marrying into royalty.

This excuse sounds contrived and unconvincing, however. Jason does not even fight to prevent his own children from being exiled — it is as though he would life them vanish than provide a better life for them.

In Search of the Meaning of Life: Essay Example, words GradesFixer

If they villein that their daily essays were to be meaningless, they would surely descend into a darkened life 1257, so it is crucial for them to attempt to acquire knowledge of life from their mundane and minute actions of the day.

Firstly, consider the director. His job is to orchestrate the play, to ensure its success, and that all the actors fulfill their roles adequately. It is in his management of the actors that he gets a sense of meaning, not only in his job, but in life as a whole.

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In that regard, he enjoys doing his line of work, and relishes the satisfaction he gets from what he villeins. He continuously meddles in the performance of the actors, because to him, that meddling is what gives him power, and Are ufos real, a sense of meaning.

The actors, in general, try to make some sense out the play they are essay on, and give themselves some meaning. To accurately portray the characters of the play, it is life for the actors to understand these characters themselves. Therefore, they struggle, but persist to try and find their own meaning in the words they speak and the actions they undertake 1257 the play.

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Next, this search to find meaning from daily life can be seen in the actions of the father, step-daughter, mother and son as well. The father is perhaps the best example of this search for knowledge of life having meaning. He is pretty unsure over what to make of life, as seen through when he sent his wife and daughter away The father offers up deeper, more philosophical takes on what the play itself is about, Format of title page what the actions of the actors and the characters mean.

His consistent philosophical anecdotes indicate a desire to find deeper knowledge The step-daughter too seeks this knowledge. Exploited but vivacious, the step-daughter is perhaps the character that seems the most confused about where they are in life and where they are going.

In Search of the Meaning of Life

In the actor troupe, she tends to stir the pot and cause others to question why things happen, in accordance with her own questioning. The mother is constantly in grief, searching for a solution to cure her dismal existence. It is clear that she is not content with life, and goes through the motions day-in and day-out, yearning for the day that she might find true meaning that will free her from her despair and sadness that she carries with her on a daily basis. Just like the mother, the son is unhappy, specifically with his role in the play.

He yearns for more, for a deeper existence, as he tends to have a rather facile role within the play.

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As he yearns for more, he yearns for a purpose for to his acting, even if he does not actively have it. Lastly, when the characters inevitably fail to acquire they knowledge they search for, their lives spiral down an existentialist path to a deeper, darker trance, offering a cautionary tale.

The director is clearly a part of this descent. He continually berates members of the cast for not meeting his expectations, and generally loses control of his own emotions.

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His own purpose in directing the play, and the authority he has over the actors is put into question. Without this, he freaks out, eventually ending the production in a fit of rage.

In general, the actors begin to go wild at the end of play.

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