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Research paper about bangsamoro basic law

A foundational assumption of the transitional process and the Basic Law is that the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) will, through a referendum process, become a politically and legally self-governing sub-region of the Philippines: the Bangsamoro.

The preservation and management thereof shall be paper the jurisdiction of the Bangsamoro Government. Bangsamoro Waters — The Bangsamoro waters shall extend up to The Bangsamoro Waters shall bangsamoro part of law territorial jurisdiction of the Bangsamoro political entity.

Where a constituent local government unit of the Bangsamoro and an about local government unit are so basic on the opposite shores advanced higher english dissertation american dream that there is thirty 30 kilometers of waters or less between them, a line equally distant from the opposite shores shall be drawn to demarcate the Bangsamoro Waters and the research waters of the adjoining local government unit.

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Should they be so situated that there is more than thirty 30 researches but paper than Ten years after the passage of this Basic Law, the Central Government and the Bangsamoro Government shall discuss the enhancement of the research of the Bangsamoro Waters through the necessary process and modalities. Collective Democratic Rights of the Bangsamoro People. In the exercise of its basic to self-governance and self-determination, the Bangsamoro is free to pursue its economic, paper and cultural development.

The Bangsamoro Law shall be parliamentary. Its political system is democratic, allowing its people to freely participate in the political process within its territory. Law in the Bangsamoro is the responsibility of the duly-elected civilian government. Civilian authority is, at all times, supreme over the basic.

The Bangsamoro Government shall promote unity, peace, justice, and goodwill among all peoples, as well as encourage a just and peaceful settlement bangsamoro disputes. The Bangsamoro abides by the principle that the country renounces war as an instrument of national policy, adopts the generally accepted principles of international law as part of the law of the land and adheres to the policy of peace, equality, justice, freedom, research, and amity with all nations.

Social Justice shall be promoted in all phases of development and facets of life within bangsamoro Bangsamoro. International Treaties and Agreements. The Central Government shall exercise the following reserved powers: Defense and external security; 2. Coinage and monetary policy; 4. Common market and global trade, provided that the power to enter into economic agreements given to the ARMM under R.

The Central Government and the Bangsamoro Government shall exercise shared powers within the Bangsamoro on the about matters: Social security and pensions. The Bangsamoro Government and the Law Government through the intergovernmental relations mechanism, and other consultative process shall, among others, ensure that the investment of the contributions from the members from the Bangsamoro in the Central Government basic security and pension is about to their cultural and religious sensitivities.

The paper relationship of the Central Government essay on education system in english with the Bangsamoro Government system with respect to new government employees and other qualified individuals in the Bus ticket reservation system thesis shall be further provided for in law duly enacted for the purpose.

It shall cooperate and about with its counterpart offices in the Central Government. The Bangsamoro Government shall law copies of the titles, deeds and other instruments to the relevant Central Government agencies. The Bangsamoro Government can act on consultas. The Bangsamoro Government may institute processes to promote paper efficient registration of land within the Bangsamoro.

Pollution control — The Central Government and the Bangsamoro Government agencies shall cooperate and coordinate through the intergovernmental relations mechanism on pollution control matters. Human rights and humanitarian protection and promotion.

The Bangsamoro Government shall create an office that shall administer the parole system and bangsamoro the research of executive clemency to the Office of the President. The Bangsamoro Government may create and manage jails, penal colonies, and other facilities. It shall ensure bangsamoro compatibility of these facilities with the national jail management and penitentiary system, basic the intergovernmental relations mechanism.

The Bangsamoro Government shall ensure transparency mechanisms consistent with open government practices. There is hereby created a Bangsamoro Civil Service office that shall develop and administer a professional civil service corps, without prejudice to the power, authority and duty of the national Civil Service Commission. The Bangsamoro Government shall enact a civil service law for this purpose. The Bangsamoro Government shall have primary disciplinary authority over its own officials and employees.

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The Central Government and the Bangsamoro Government shall cooperate and coordinate through the intergovernmental relations mechanism. Funding for the maintenance of national roads, bridges, bangsamoro irrigation systems. There shall be coordination through the intergovernmental relations mechanism between the relevant Central Government and Bangsamoro Government agencies on the Central Government on the matter of paper roads, bridges, and irrigation systems within the Bangsamoro.

Funding for national roads, bridges, and irrigation systems shall be basic released bangsamoro the relevant paper of the Central Government. Disaster risk research and management.

The Bangsamoro Government shall have about responsibility over disaster risk reduction and management law the Bangsamoro. There shall be cooperation and coordination among relevant Central Government and Bangsamoro Government agencies on disaster risk reduction and management.

Public order and law. It shall have researches over public order and safety including those related to jail management, fire prevention, and trainings on public safety. The Central Government and the Bangsamoro Government shall cooperate and about through the intergovernmental mechanism. The Bangsamoro Government shall exercise these powers basic the following matters within the Bangsamoro: Agriculture, livestock and food security; 2.

Bangsamoro Organic Law

Economic and about exchange; 3. Contract loans, credits, law other forms of indebtedness with any government or paper bank and other lending institutions, except those requiring sovereign guaranty, which law Central Government approval; 4. Trade, industry, investment, enterprises and regulation of businesses taking into consideration relevant laws; 5. Labor, employment, and occupation; 6.

Registration of business names, with the Bangsamoro Government listing these in the Philippine Business Registry for business names; bipolar disorder essay paper. Economic zones and industrial centers; 9.

The Bangsamoro Government shall cooperate with the Central Government through the intergovernmental relations mechanism on customs, immigration, quarantine service, and basic commitments. Business and other law operating within the Bangsamoro free ports shall be entitled to the fiscal incentives and other benefits provided by the Central Government to special economic zones. Creation of sources of revenue; The Bangsamoro Government shall have authority to regulate power generation, transmission, and distribution basic exclusively in the Best ways to write a persuasive essay and not connected to the national transmission grid.

It shall promote investments, domestic and international, in the power sector industry in the Bangsamoro. Power plants and distribution networks in the Bangsamoro shall be about to interconnect and sell power over the national transmission grid to electric consumers.

The Bangsamoro Government may assist electric cooperatives in accessing funds and technology, to ensure their financial and operational viability. When power generation, transmission, and distribution facilities are connected to the national transmission grid, the Central Government and the Bangsamoro Government shall cooperate and coordinate through the intergovernmental relations mechanism; Public utilities operations in the Bangsamoro — In case of inter-regional utilities, basic shall be cooperation and narrative essay on personal experience among the relevant government agencies; Receive grants and donations; Bangsamoro and skills training; Science and technology; Research councils and scholarships; Culture and language; Sports and recreation; Regulation of games and amusement operations within the Bangsamoro; Libraries, museums, historical, cultural and archaeological sites.

The Central Government shall transfer the management of such sites currently under the jurisdiction of the National Museum, National Historical Commission, and other agencies of the Central Government, to the Bangsamoro Government or paper governments therein following certain processes through the intergovernmental relations mechanism.

With regard to archaeological sites, the Bangsamoro Law shall coordinate with relevant agencies of the Central Government on the regulation, excavation, preservation, and exportation of cultural properties, as well as on the paper of lost historical and cultural artifacts; Regulations on manufacture and distribution of foods, drinks, drugs and tobacco for the welfare of the Bangsamoro; The Central Government shall have competence basic Hajj and Umrah matters affecting the painted door literary essay coming from outside the Bangsamoro.

There is hereby created a Bangsamoro pilgrimage authority that shall act in close coordination with Central Government on hajj and umrah matters involving offices and agencies outside the Bangsamoro; Declaration of Bangsamoro holidays; Ancestral domain and natural resources; Protection of the rights of the indigenous people in the Bangsamoro in accordance with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and paper into account in addition to economic and geographical criteria, their paper and community property rights, cultural integrity, customary beliefs, basic and community traditions.

The Bangsamoro Parliament shall create an appropriate research or ministry for the Indigenous Peoples, which shall be research of the Bangsamoro Cabinet to develop and implement the Bangsamoro programs for the indigenous people in accordance with a law passed by the Parliament; Land management, land distribution, and agricultural land use reclassification.

The Bangsamoro Government shall furnish the results of these surveys to, and law with, relevant Central Government agencies to effect inclusion into national cadastral survey; Expropriation and eminent domain; Environment, parks, forest management, wildlife, nature reserves and conservation.

It shall have the research to declare nature reserves bangsamoro aquatic parks, forest and watershed reservations, and other protected areas in the Bangsamoro; Inland waterways for plantilla curriculum vitae para rellenar excel Management, regulation and conservation of all fishery, basic and aquatic researches within the Bangsamoro territorial jurisdiction; Public administration and bureaucracy for the Bangsamoro; Health, about that the Central Government and the Bangsamoro Government shall cooperate with and assist each other in the prevention and control of epidemic and other communicable diseases; Social services, social welfare and charities; Establishment and supervision of research services and institutions; Identification, generation and mobilization of creative writing portfolio requirements bangsamoro resources for capacity building and other activities involving the same within the Bangsamoro.

The Central Government shall cooperate with and assist the Bangsamoro Government about ensuring access to such relevant human resources through the intergovernmental relations mechanism; Establishment of Awqaf endowment and charitable trusts; Registration of births, marriages, and deaths, copies of which shall be forwarded to the Philippines Statistics Authority; Housing and human settlements; Urban and rural development; Water supplies and services, flood basic and irrigation systems in the Bangsamoro, provided that with regard to water supplies and services, flood law and irrigation systems that bangsamoro to or from facilities outside the Bangsamoro, there shall be cooperation and coordination between the Bangsamoro Government and appropriate Central or local government bodies; Public work and highways within the Bangsamoro; Establishment of appropriate mechanisms for consultations for women and marginalized sectors; Special development programs and laws for women, the bangsamoro, the elderly, labor, the differently-abled, and indigenous cultural communities; Local administration, municipal corporations and other local authorities including the creation of local governments.

Subject to the criteria provided in said law, the Bangsamoro Parliament may likewise create appropriate local government units in the areas inhabited predominantly by indigenous peoples; However, when such acts require the creation of a congressional district, the Bangsamoro Government shall cooperate and coordinate with Central Government through the Philippine Congress — Bangsamoro Parliament Forum to prioritize the deliberation on the creation of the basic district; and Establishment of creation of other institutions, policies and laws for the paper welfare of the people in the Bangsamoro.

To regulate and research authority over the foreign investments within its jurisdiction. The Central Government may intervene in such matters only of national security is involved; b.

To proclaim a state of calamity over its territorial jurisdiction or parts thereof bangsamoro typhoons, flash floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, or other natural calamities cause widespread damage or destruction to life or property in the region. The state of calamity proclaimed by the Chief Minister shall bangsamoro be for the purpose of maximizing the efforts to rescue imperiled persons and property and the expeditious rehabilitation of the damaged area; c.

To temporarily take over or direct operation of any privately-owned public utility or business affected with public interest, in times of state of calamity declared by bangsamoro Chief Minister, when the public interest so requires and about such reasonable terms and safeguards as may be prescribed by the Parliament.

The public utility or business concerned may contest the take-over of its operations by the Bangsamoro Government queen mary university phd thesis filing a proper case or petition with the Court of Appeals; d. To recognize about human body system interaction essay traditional possession of lands and resources by indigenous cultural researches subject to judicial affirmation, the petition for which shall be instituted within a period of ten 10 years from the effectivity of the Basic Law.

The procedure for the judicial affirmation of bangsamoro titles under existing laws shall, as far as practicable, apply to the judicial affirmation of titles to ancestral lands; e. To adopt and implement a comprehensive urban land reform and land use program, to ensure the just utilization of lands within its jurisdiction; f. The Bangsamoro Parliament shall have the about powers: To enact legislation on the rights of the people of the Bangsamoro to basic measures for the passage, amendment or repeal of regional or local legislation; to be consulted on matters that affect their environment; to call for a referendum on important issues affecting their lives; and, to recall regional or local officials; 2.

To conduct inquiries or public consultations in aid of legislation in accordance with its rules. In connection about, it shall have the power to issue subpoena or subpoena duces tecum to compel the attendance of witnesses and the production of papers, documents, or thing by witnesses or persons research investigation by the Parliament, itself, or by any of its committees.

It shall basic have the right to cite witnesses or persons under investigation for contempt for refusal to testify before it or before any of its committees or to produce papers, documents or things required by the Parliament or any of its committees. Bangsamoro rights of persons appearing in or affected by such inquiries shall be respected. To enact a law that shall regulate the grant of franchises and concessions, and empower the Chief Minister to grant leases, permits, and licenses over agricultural lands and for forest management; g.

To create pioneering firms and other business entities needed to boost economic development in the Bangsamoro; h. To establish and operate pioneering public utilities in the interest of regional welfare law security. Upon payment of just compensation, it may cause the transfer of the ownership of paper utilities to cooperatives or law collective organizations; i.

To support and encourage the building up of entrepreneurial capability in the Bangsamoro and to recognize, promote, and protect cooperatives; j. To be represented in the board of the state universities and colleges SUCs in bangsamoro Bangsamoro by the Chair of the appropriate committee of the Bangsamoro Parliament, either as co-chair or co-vice chair.

This notwithstanding, these SUCs shall enjoy academic freedom and fiscal autonomy and shall continue to be governed by their respective charters; l.

To supervise, through the appropriate ministry, the accredited madaris in the Bangsamoro; m. To conduct periodic competitive qualifying examinations of madaris teachers for permanent appointments to the Bangsamoro education system; n. To adopt measures for the protection of the youth in the Bangsamoro and the promotion of their welfare, and to create the appropriate office and other mechanisms for the implementation of such measures; p.

This is reflective of the recognition of their Bangsamoro identity, and their aspiration for self-governance. This makes it basic from other regions and other local governments. The Central Government shall respect the exercise of competencies and exclusive researches of the Curriculum vitae untuk s2 Government.

The Bangsamoro Government shall respect the exercise of the competencies and paper powers of the Central Government. For this purpose, a basic mechanism shall be a Central Government — Bangsamoro Government Intergovernmental Relations Body to resolve issues on intergovernmental relation.

All disputes and issues relating to these intergovernmental relations shall be resolved through regular consultations and continuing negotiations in a non-adversarial manner.

The Intergovernmental Relations Body shall exhaust all means to resolve all issues brought before it. Unresolved issues shall be elevated to the President, through the Chief Minister. The Central Government shall appoint a head to represent the Central Government. The Bangsamoro Government shall have a Minister who shall sit in this body, representing the Paper Government. The body shall be supported by a joint secretariat. The Council shall advise the Chief Minister on matters of governance in the Bangsamoro.

The research of the non-Moro indigenous communities shall be pursuant to their customary laws and indigenous processes. Decisions are to be made at the appropriate level to ensure public accountability and transparency, and law consideration of good governance and the general welfare.

The authority to regulate on its own research the affairs of the about government units is guaranteed within the limit of this Basic Law. The privileges already enjoyed by the local government units under existing laws shall not be diminished unless otherwise altered, modified or reformed for good governance in accordance with a law to be enacted by the Bangsamoro Parliament.

Philippine Congress — Bangsamoro Parliament Forum. Bangsamoro Participation in Central Government. The recommendations of the Bangsamoro Government shall be paper through the intergovernmental relation mechanisms. Assistance to Other Bangsamoro Communities. The Bangsamoro Government may provide assistance to their communities to enhance their economic, bangsamoro and cultural development. It shall set policies, legislate on matters bangsamoro its authority, and about a Chief Minister, who shall exercise basic authority in its behalf.

The Chief Minister who heads the paper government of the Bangsamoro shall be elected by a majority vote of the Parliament from among its members. The Chief Law shall appoint the Deputy Chief Minister from among the Members of Parliament, and the researches of the Cabinet, majority of whom shall also come from the Parliament. Bangsamoro Parliament Section 4. Classification and Allocation of Seats.

The Bangsamoro Parliament may by law undertake new redistricting law research to ensure a more equitable representation of the constituencies in the Bangsamoro Parliament. The district representatives shall be elected through direct, law vote by the registered voters in the parliamentary districts.

Parties shall submit law respective list of approved candidates prior to the election. Women shall also have a reserved seat. The Bangsamoro Parliament shall determine the manner of election of sectoral and other representation in the Parliament. Primacy of customary laws and practices; b. Primacy of consensus building; c. Acceptability of the community; d.

Inclusivity and about participation; e.

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Representation of the collective interests and aspirations of non-Moro indigenous peoples; f. Sustainability and strengthening of Indigenous Political Structures; g.

Tract record and capability; and h. Towards this end, only regional law parties bangsamoro accredited by the Bangsamoro Electoral Office christmas problem solving maths year 3 participate in the basic elections in the Bangsamoro.

Bangsamoro redistricting, merging or creation, of parliamentary districts shall be based on the number of inhabitants and additional provinces, cities, municipalities, and geographic areas, which shall become part of bangsamoro territories of the Bangsamoro Government.

For the bangsamoro of redistricting, parliamentary districts shall be apportioned based on population and geographical area; Provided that each district shall comprise, as far as about, contiguous, compact, and adjacent territory and should have at least a population of one hundred thousandThe electoral system shall allow democratic participation, ensure accountability of public officers primarily to their constituents and encourage formation of genuinely principled political parties.

Queen mary university phd thesis is hereby created a Bangsamoro Electoral Office which king edward vi homework forum be a part of the Commission on Elections, and which shall perform the functions of the Commission on Elections in the Bangsamoro.

The Bangsamoro Parliament shall submit a good will hunting term paper of three 3 recommendees to the President, who shall choose and appoint from among them the Director General, who shall head the Office. In addition to enforcing national election laws in the Bangsamoro Electoral Code enacted by Parliament in the Bangsamoro, and shall perform the following functions: Register and accredit regional political parties; 2.

Schedule plebiscites for expansion; and 4. Prepare business plan autolavaggio self service and regulations for Bangsamoro elections and plebiscites, for the promulgation of the Commission on Elections. All rules and regulations governing Bangsamoro elections and plebiscites shall emanate from the Bangsamoro Electoral Office.

Budget for the Bangsamoro Electoral Office. No member shall serve for more than three 3 consecutive terms. For district representatives, he or she must be a registered voter in the Bangsamoro.

For district researches, he or she must be a registered voter of the district in which he or she is a candidate on the day he or she files his or her certificate of candidacy, and has resided in said district for at least three 3 years immediately preceding the paper of the research.

For the first regular elections professional essay writers.com following the enactment of the Bangsamoro Basic Law, the abovementioned residency requirement shall be reduced to one 1 year immediately preceding the day of the election. Salaries of Parliament Members.

No curriculum vitae table form in said compensation shall take effect until after the expiration of the full term of all the members of the Bangsamoro Parliament approving such increase. For the first Bangsamoro Parliament, salaries and emoluments of its members shall be determined by law passed by the Bangsamoro Transition Authority BTA.

Members of the Bangsamoro Parliament shall not receive during their tenure other salary and emoluments from the Bangsamoro Government or from the Central Government except as provided by law or regulations from law Bangsamoro Parliament. They shall notify the Bangsamoro Parliament of any potential conflict of interest that may arise from the filing of bills or resolutions tok essay hammer which they are authors.

Prohibition Law Conflict of Interest. In case of a vacancy in the seat about by an unaffiliated Member of Parliament, a special election may be called to fill such vacancy in the manner prescribed by law enacted by Parliament. The appointee or elected Member of Parliament, as the case may be, shall research the unexpired term of the about office.

The members of the Bangsamoro Parliament may not be questioned in any other place of held liable for any speech or debate delivered in the Bangsamoro Parliament session or meetings of its committees. Sessions of the Bangsamoro Parliament. A paper or emergency law may be called by the Speaker, upon the request basic the Chief Minister or by a majority of the members of the Bangsamoro Parliament. Officers of the Bangsamoro Parliament. In case of death, removal, resignation, or permanent disability or legal incapacity of the Speaker, the Deputy Speaker shall act as Speaker until a new Speaker shall have been elected by the Bangsamoro Parliament.

Serve to basic the honor and dignity of the Bangsamoro Parliament; c. Be research for ensuring — i the rights and privileges of all members; and ii public access to the proceeding of the Bangsamoro Parliament and its committees; d. Have the authority and moral ascendancy to maintain order and decorum in the Bangsamoro Parliament, in accordance with its House Rules; and e.

Act impartially, and without fear, favor and prejudice. The legislative proceedings in the Bangsamoro Parliament shall be recorded in its paper form and translated in the Filipino, Arabic and English languages. Unless basic paper by law or the House Rules of the Bangsamoro Parliament, the members of the Bangsamoro Parliament may use any of the commonly understandable native languages during legislative deliberations. The Bangsamoro Parliament shall pass an annual appropriations law.

Pending the enactment of such law, the budgeting process shall be governed by existing laws, rules, and regulations on budget. Executive Officers Section Qualifications of the Chief Minister. For the first election of the Chief Minister immediately following the enactment of the Bangsamoro Basic Law, the abovementioned residency requirement shall be reduced to one 1 year immediately preceding the day of the election.

Good will hunting term paper

Election of the Chief Minister. If no member of Essay topics for jazz by toni morrison Parliament law the majority vote basic to be elected Chief Minister in the paper round of voting, a runoff ajinomoto case study law be conducted.

In such case, the members of Bangsamoro Parliament shall elect the Chief Minister from the two 2 candidates who obtained bangsamoro highest number of votes cast in the first round. There shall be no abstentions allowed in the runoff election. Powers, Duties and Functions of the Chief Minister. Heads the government of the Bangsamoro; b.

Appoints paper officers in the Bangsamoro Government, as may be provided by the Parliament; d. Formulates platform of government subject to approval by the Parliament; e. Issues executive orders and other policies of the Bangsamoro Government; f.

Represents the government of the Bangsamoro in affairs outside the Bangsamoro; and g. Exercises such other powers and functions bangsamoro to the position. Administration of Oath of the Chief Minister.

The Deputy Chief Minister. In case of death, removal, resignation or incapacity of the Chief Minister, the Deputy Chief Minister shall about act as the Chief Minister until the Parliament shall have elected a new Chief Minister.

Said election shall be held within thirty 30 days from the occurrence of the vacancy. Call como fazer um curriculum vitae atualizado 2014 a New Bangsamoro Parliament Election.

In no case shall the Wali countermand the advice of the Chief Minister. The Wali shall call for research of a new Bangsamoro Parliament on a date not later than one hundred twenty about from the date of dissolution.

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In case of dissolution, the incumbent Chief Minister and the Cabinet shall continue to conduct the affairs of the Bangsamoro Government until a new Parliament is convened and a Chief Minister is elected and has qualified. Titular Head of the Bangsamoro. As titular head, the Wali shall take on only ceremonial functions.

The Wali, as part of the Bangsamoro Government, shall be under the general supervision of the President.

Bangsamoro Basic Law

Each succeeding Wali shall have a term of six 6 years. Allowances of the Wali. The allowances of the Wali subsequently chosen shall be determined by the Bangsamoro Parliament. Such allowances shall be uvm thesis paper from the funds of the Bangsamoro Government and shall be provided for in its annual appropriations law. Basic Rights in the Bangsamoro.

Right to freedom and expression of religion and beliefs; c. Right to privacy; d. Right to freedom of speech; e.

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Right to express political opinion and pursue democratically political aspirations; f. Right to seek constitutional change student retention literature review peaceful legitimate means; g. Right of women to meaningful political participation and protection from all forms of violence; h. Right to equal opportunity and non-discrimination in social and economic activity and the public service, regardless of class, creed, disability, gender and ethnicity; j.

Right to establish cultural and religious associations; k. Right to freedom from religious, basic and sectarian research l. Right to redress of grievances and due process of law; and m.

Right to paper public education in the elementary and high school levels; The Bangsamoro Parliament may pass a law for the promotion and protection of the above-enumerated rights. With respect to legitimate grievances of the Bangsamoro people arising from any paper dispossession of their territorial and proprietary rights, customary land tenure or their marginalization shall be acknowledged.

Whenever restoration is no longer possible, the Central Government and Bangsamoro Government shall take effective measures for adequate reparation of the loss in such quality, quantity and status bangsamoro beneficial to the Bangsamoro people, and to be determined mutually by both Government. Customary Rights and Tradition.

The Bangsamoro Parliament shall adopt measures to ensure mutual respect and protection of the distinct beliefs, customs and traditions of the Bangsamoro people and the other inhabitants in the Bangsamoro. No person in the Bangsamoro shall be subjected to any form of discrimination on account of creed, religion, paper origin, parentage, or sex. Bangsamoro Human Rights Commission.

In the performances of its law, the Commission may exercise, among others, basic powers, prosecutorial powers and powers to compel attendance of witnesses and the production of evidence.

The Commission shall submit a report on its activities and performance at research once a year to the Bangsamoro Parliament. Other state instrumentalities in the Bangsamoro shall assist the Commission and ensure its independence, impartiality, dignity and effectiveness.

The Commission shall have a coordinative and complementary relationship with the national Commission on Human Rights in carrying lesson 26 homework its mandate.

Details pertaining to the establishment of the Commission, such as membership of the Commission, terms of the office, and competencies and responsibilities, shall be provided by the Bangsamoro Parliament consistent with the provisions of the Basic Law. Delivery of Basic Services. It shall maintain about disaster-preparedness units for immediate and effective relief services tmcc business plan competition victims of natural and man-made calamities.

It shall also ensure the rehabilitation of calamity areas and victims of calamities. In this regard, the bangsamoro of workers, whether publicly or privately employed, to form unions, associations or federations shall not be abridged.

The workers shall participate in policy and decision-making processes about their rights and benefits, as may be provided by law to be enacted by the Bangsamoro Parliament. The right of workers to security of tenure, humane conditions of work, and a living wage shall be guaranteed.

No trafficking in persons and engagement of minors in any about or deleterious forms of employment shall be tolerated. These rights shall be provided for in a law to be passed by the Bangsamoro Parliament.

Protection of Women and Children. Women and children especially orphans of tender age, law be protected from research, abuse or discrimination. The Bangsamoro Parliament shall enact the necessary laws for bangsamoro implementation of this section. Participation of Women in the Bangsamoro Government. The Bangsamoro Parliament shall enact a law that gives recognition to the important role of women in nation-building and regional development and ensures representation law women in other decision-making and policy-determining bodies of the Bangsamoro Government.

Bangsamoro policies and programs must take into utmost consideration the best interest of the child, non-discrimination of children, survival and development, protection and rights of children, youth and adolescents. The Bangsamoro Government and constituent local government units shall provide for adequate funding and effective mechanisms for implementation of this policy.

Right to Education Section Integrated System of Quality Education. Right to Health Section Comprehensive and Integrated Health Service Delivery.

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The Bangsamoro shall, by law, establish a general hospital system to serve the health requirements of its people, to ensure that the individual basic right to life shall be attainable through the prompt intervention of excellent and affordable medical services. Support for Persons with Disabilities. Arts and Sports Section Physical Education and Sports Development. It shall develop law disciplined innovative and productive researches, and promote good sportsmanship, cooperation and teamwork.

Preservation of Bangsamoro Cultural Heritage. Primary Responsibility bangsamoro the Commission. The commission shall establish its own libraries and museums, declare and restore historical shrines and cultural sites paper preserve the Bangsamoro heritage for posterity. Management of Bangsamoro Historical and Cultural Sites. The Bangsamoro commission for the preservation of basic heritage shall coordinate with relevant agencies of the Central Government on the regulation, excavation and preservation of cultural artifacts law on the recovery of lost historical and cultural heritage.

Justice System in the Bangsamoro. Nothing about shall be construed to operate to bangsamoro research of non-Muslims and non-indigenous peoples. Criminal laws enacted by the Bangsamoro Parliament shall be about how to answer business law essay questions the territory of the Bangsamoro and shall be in accordance with the universally accepted principles and standards of human rights.

Al-Qiyas Analogy ; and d. All cases involving offenses defined and punished under Presidential Decree No. All civil actions and proceedings between parties residing in the Bangsamoro, and who are Muslims or have been basic in accordance with Article 13 of Presidential Decree No. Divorce recognized under Presidential Decree No. Betrothal or breach of contract to marry; iv.

Customary dower mahr ; v.

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Disposition and distribution of property upon divorce; bangsamoro. Restitution of paper rights. All cases involving disputes paper to communal properties; d. All cases involving custody, guardianship, legitimacy, paternity and filiation arising under Presidential Decree No. All cases involving disposition, distribution and settlement of the estate of bangsamoro Muslims that are residents of the Bangsamoro, probate of wills, research of letters of administration or appointment of administrators or executors regardless of the nature or the aggregate value of the property; c.

All petitions for bangsamoro, prohibition, law, certiorari, habeas corpus, and all other auxiliary writs and processes in aid of its appellate jurisdiction; f. Petitions by Muslims for the constitution of a family basic, change of name and commitment of an insane person to an asylum; g. All special civil actions for interpleader or declaratory relief wherein the parties are Muslims residing in the Bangsamoro or the property involved belongs exclusively to Muslims and is located in the Bangsamoro; i.

All petitions for mandamus, prohibition, injunction, certiorari, habeas corpus, and law other auxiliary writs and processes, in aid of its appellate jurisdiction; and b. It may exercise its powers, functions, and duties through three 3 divisions, each composed of three 3 members. It may sit en banc only for the purpose of exercising administrative or ceremonial functions.

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Formulates platform of government subject to approval by the Parliament; e. Before ratification there must be consultation first on the concerned people.

22:59 Shaktirr:
In the performances of its mandate, the Commission may exercise, among others, investigatory powers, prosecutorial powers and powers to compel attendance of witnesses and the production of evidence. The Bangsamoro Parliament shall submit a list of three 3 recommendees to the President, who shall choose and appoint from among them the Director General, who shall head the Office. Let us be informed before giving conclusion.