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Literature review on consumer buying behaviour of laptops

making process. To examine the consumer attitude towards Laptop. 3. REVIEW OF LITERATURE According to louden, D.L. and Della Bitta,A.J., consumer behavior is a decision process and physical activity individuals engage in when evaluating, acquiring, using or disposing of goods and services.

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Key Factors That Influence the Buying Decisions of Consumers

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The diagram below gives a brief explanation of consumer decision making process.

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A study by Karjaluoto et al.

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Thus, customers may evaluate the product prior to their preconceived expectations Schiffman Consumer involvement also influences to emotion perspective and product evaluations. Utilitarian reinforcement refers to the satisfaction consumers perceive when buying, owing and consuming economic goods.

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It can also be seen that the current trend is seeing a shift in the mobile phone industry from second-generation mobile phones to third generation.